I Want to join a CoC Mailing List

​Listservs are discussion lists open to subscribers only. This means that anyone subscribed to the list can send and receive emails sent to a single email address.  HomeBase hosts several mailing lists/listservs for the Santa Clara County Continuum of Care. You can join the relevant mailing list to receive important updates and reminders. The following listservs are hosted by HomeBase:

​​Listserv Purpose​
Continuum of Care (CoC) ​To communicate day-to-day CoC business and announcements from CoC members
Coordinated Assessment Work Group​ ​To communicate all business related to the Coordinated Assessment Work Group
Employment Providers/Job Developers​ ​Resource sharing/seeking and networking between providers of employment and job development services
Performance Management Work Group​ ​To communicate all business related to the Performance Management Work Group
Service Providers Network (SPN)​ ​ ​Resource sharing/seeking and networking between service providers

To join any of the mailing lists above, please email Homebase at [email protected]

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