2016 Measure A Housing Bond Progress

Program Overview

On November 8, 2016, the people of the County of Santa Clara approved Measure A, a proposition authorizing the County to issue up to $950 million in general obligation bonds to acquire or improve real property for the purpose of providing affordable housing for vulnerable populations throughout the County. The following are highlights about the Measure A Program (Program):​

  • Program funds are targeted to help construct 4,800 units of affordable housing, in addition to assisting about 235 families to secure loans to finance their first homes.
  • In October 2017 the County issued its first series of bonds for $250 million and in July 2021 issued the second series of bonds for $350 million.
  • As of March 31, 2023, the Program has committed $820.22 million, of which $25 million is committed to the first-time homebuyer loan program, $11.9 million has been committed to a Supportive Housing Fund for predevelopment loans, $25 million bridge loan for Hillview Court, $146.93 million for 18 property acquisitions, $800,000 for 4 partnership projects, and $583.32 million for 44 development and renovation projects.
  • The development and renovation projects are in the process of adding 3,864 units of affordable housing included in the County’s housing goals, and an additional 788 units of low-income housing and 82 units of moderate-income housing that are not addressed in the Program’s housing goals (as discussed in the Housing Program Goals section below).
  • As detailed in the program overview dashboard below, this means that 61.40 percent of the bond proceeds committed for development and renovation projects are financing the development of 76.94 percent of the Program’s housing goals.
  • In addition, for every dollar invested by the Program, the Program incentivizes an average of $4.60 from outside investments (Public/Private Leveraging Ratio).

Use of Bond Proceeds

The dashboards below provide details on the estimated cost share per unit and housing development, sources of funding by housing development, and actual expenditures to-date. As of March 31, 2023, we provide the following highlights:

  • The Program has committed $628.62 to 48 development and renovation projects, with individual commitments ranging from $1 million (The Veranda) to $53 million (Gateway Tower).
  • When looking at the estimated cost per unit of housing, the Program has committed anywhere from $45,752 per unit (Markham I) to $210,938 per unit (Leigh Avenue Senior Apartments), with an average cost share of $124,086 per unit of housing.
  • Although $628.62 million has been committed by the Program for these 49 development and renovation projects to-date, only $413.40 million has been actually expended to-date.

Housing Program Goals

Program housing goals aim to create 4,800 units of affordable housing. As of March 31, 2023, Program funds committed to date are projected to finance 61.40 percent of the Program’s total affordable housing goal.  Based on the Program’s funding commitments through March 31, 2023, the status of housing development goals by type of housing are as follows:

  • Helping to finance 94.56 percent of the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) goal.
  • Helping to finance 31.88 percent of the Rapid Rehousing (RRH) goal.
  • Helping to finance 94.38 percent of the Extremely Low-Income (ELI) housing goal.
  • Helping to finance 149.50 percent of the Very Low-Income (VLI) housing goal.
  • There are 788 units of Low-Income (LI) housing incorporated into the current housing projects; however, the Program has no stated goal for this category of housing.
  • There are 82 units of Moderate-Income (MI) housing incorporated into the current housing projects; however, the Program has no stated goal for this category of housing.

The dashboards below provide detail on the number of units in development by housing type, as well as how each housing development contributes to each housing goal.

List of housing developments funded by Measure A Housing Bond:

Click the name of housing development from the list below to view a detailed summary of the project.

Housing Development

Total #
of Units




​1. ​The Veranda​




​Jun 2019

2. Crossing on Monterey 39 Morgan Hill complete Jan 2020
3. Villas on the Park​ 84​ ​San Jose complete​ Mar 2020
4. Monterey Gateway Senior Apartments 75 ​Gilroy complete Jul 2020
5. Markham Plaza I (Rehab) 153 San Jose complete Mar 20211
6. Leigh Ave Senior Apartments​ 61 San Jose complete Jul 2021
7. Curtner Studios (Rehab) 179 San Jose complete Sep 2021
8. Quetzal Gardens 71 ​San Jose complete Feb 2022
9. Calabazas a/k/a Corvin Apartments 145 Santa Clara​ complete Apr 2022​
10. ​Iamesi Village a/k/a N. San Pedro Apt. 135 ​San Jose complete Sep 2022
11.​ ​​Vela Apartments (Alum Rock Family Apts) ​87 San Jose complete Nov 2022​
12.​ Markham Plaza II (Rehab)​ ​152 ​San Jose complete​ Nov 2022
13. Hillview Court (Rehab) 134 Milpitas complete Nov 2022
14.​ ​​Page Street Apartments​ 82 San Jose complete ​Feb 2023
15. Mesa Terrace a/k/a Gallup and Mesa Apts 46 San Jose complete Feb 2023
16. ​Immanuel-Sobrato a/k/a Moorpark Apartments 108 San Jose ​under construction ​Jun 2023
17.​ Villas at 4th Street  94​ San Jose​ complete Jul 2023
​18. Blossom Valley Senior Apartments (Blossom Hill Senior Apartments) ​147 ​San Jose under construction​ Aug 2023
19.​ Vitalia a/k/a Bascom Apartments 79 San Jose ​under construction Oct 2023
20 Sango Court Apartments 102 Milpitas under construction Nov 2023
21. Pavilion Inn (Rehab) 22 San Jose under construction Nov 2023
22.​ Agrihood Senior Apartments 165 Santa Clara​ under construction Dec 2023
23.​ Royal Oak Village 73 Morgan Hill ​under construction Jan 2024
24. Kifer Senior Apartments​​ 80 Santa Clara​ pre-construction Apr 2024
​25. Auzerais Apartments​​ ​130 ​San Jose ​under construction Jun 2024
26. The Crestview (Rehab) 49 Mountain View pre-construction Aug 2024
27.​ Mariposa Place (W. San Carlos Housing​) ​80 San Jose under construction​ Sep 2024
28. Bellarmino Place Apartments 116 San Jose under construction Sep 2024
29.​ Roosevelt Park 80​ San Jose​ pre-construction Nov 2024
30. ​Alum Rock Multifamily 60 ​San Jose under construction Mar 2025
31. Algarve Apartments 91 ​San Jose pre-construction May 2025
32. The Magnolias 66 Morgan Hill pre-construction Jul 2025
33. ​Sunol-West San Carlos​ 154 San Jose​ under construction Aug 2025​
34.​ The Charles 99 San Jose​ under construction Sep 2025
35. Alvarado Park 90 San Jose pre-construction Sep 2025
36. Tamien Station TOD ​135 San Jose​ ​pre-construction Jun 2025
37.​ La Avenida ​100​ Mountain view under construction Nov 2025
38.​ 231 Grant ​110 Palo Alto ​pre-construction Jan 2026
39.​ The Hub at Parkmoor 80 San Jose pre-construction Jan 2026
40.​ Distel Circle 90 Los Altos ​pre-construction Feb 2026
41.​ Mountain View Lot 12 ​120 ​Mountain View pre-construction Mar 2026
​42. Montecito ​85​ Mountain View pre-construction ​Mar 2026
43. Orchard Gardens 93 Sunnyvale pre-construction Apr 2026
44. 797 S. Almaden 99 San Jose pre-construction May 2026
45. Gateway Towers 300 San Jose​ pre-construction Jul 2026
46. Hawthorn Senior Apartments 103 San Jose pre-construction Aug 2026
47. Civic Center Multifamily 108 Santa Clara pre-construction Aug 2026
48.​ Sonora Court 176 Sunnyvale pre-construction ​Jan 2027
49. Mil on Main 219 Milpitas pre-construction​ Jan 2028
50. ​Casa de Novo (Rehab) ​TBD San Jose​ pre-construction Nov 2022
  Total New Units 4,481      
  Total Renovated Units 689      
  Total Units 5,170      

Supportive Housing Map​

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