Rapid Rehousing

The solution to homelessness is – Housing! Rapid rehousing helps individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness by getting them housed. Rapid rehousing has three main components: Housing Identification, Rent and Move-In Assistance (Financial assistance) and Case Management and services. Rapid rehousing programs help households to find appropriate rental housing. They also help the households to solve some of the common hurdles faced in finding housing. In addition, rapid rehousing programs help individuals and families pay for housing for a short period of time that enables them to move quickly out of homelessness and stabilize in permanent housing.

Rapid Rehousing programs also connect people to services like employment counseling and job trainings that help them retain their housing in the long term. It is not necessary that a household use all the three components of rapid rehousing – they can use the ones that are most relevant to them.

Rapid Rehousing program image

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