2016 Measure A - Affordable Housing Bond

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In November 2016, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure A – the $950 million affordable housing bond. The housing bond provides the County with an unprecedented opportunity to partner with cities, residents, and the affordable and supportive housing community to significantly address the housing needs of the community’s poorest and most vulnerable residents.  It will provide affordable housing for vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, low and moderate-income individuals or families, foster youth, victims of abuse, the homeless and individuals suffering from mental health or substance abuse illnesses. The bond proceeds would contribute to the creation and/or preservation of approximately 4,800 affordable housing units.

The Housing Bond will enhance the County’s ability to achieve its housing priorities which include:

  • Increasing the scope and breadth of supportive housing for special needs populations, including homeless and chronically homeless persons;
  • Increasing the supply of housing that is affordable to extremely low income (ELI) households; and,
  • Improving coordination and collaboration among the County, the cities, other governmental agencies, and the affordable housing community.

The County of Santa Clara and its partners have moved quickly to utilize the bond funds, which are projected to fund 120 new affordable housing developments over ten years, including 4,800 new units dedicated to extremely low-income households and individuals, families exiting homelessness, and other underserved populations.

For additional information on the Housing Bond, download the 5-year implementation summary​​​​ by clicking the thumbnail above.

To find more details about the progress of the Housing Bond funding, check out our dedicated Progress Page​​, and explore the Interactive Supportive Housing map for a comprehensive and interactive look at existing and future supportive housing developments throughout Santa Clara County.

Additional information for Housing Developers:

Seeking Help!

If you are homeless and are seeking information on how to apply for affordable housing assistance, please visit the Office of Supportive Housing Solutions to Homelessness page for more information.

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