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Gilroy Winter Shelter FAQs​

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Ochoa Family Winter Shelter FAQs​

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Mountain View

Operational Plan

Mountain View Winter She​lter FAQs​


North County Shelter FAQs

At-Large Community Meeting​: Held every 6 – 8 weeks, attended by multi-disciplinary stakeholders, volunteers, County and Sunnyvale City staff, and elected officials. This meeting provides attendees and the public at-large an opportunity to provide feedback to the County about the pilot expansion, receive a progress report from County and shelter staff, and discuss community concerns.

Meeting Summaries​

Operations Working Group Meeting: Held every 2 weeks, attended by service providers, local businesses, shelter clients, and County and Sunnyvale City staff. This meeting is a focused discussion on operational items related to the shelter, such as: client utilization and program needs, facility updates, and processes and procedures.

Meeting Summaries

Memos (in order of most recent)

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