Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness prevention can help communities reduce their homeless population. Homelessness prevention is a key component of the Santa Clara County Community Plan to end homelessness. The homeless prevention system focuses on individuals and families at risk of homelessness in the community and provides critical homelessness prevention resources and services to them. A group of 7 agencies has been designated as the Emergency Assistance Network (EAN) for one-time financial assistance and Sacred Heart Community Services is the coordinating partner for the homelessness prevention system. The services are provided across the Santa Clara County. For more information on the program and how to get services please visit: https://preventhomelessness.org/

The program provides financial assistance related to housing e.g. rent, move-in costs or rental arrears. It also provides housing specialist assistance to the clients including housing search, location, referral, landlord mediation/dispute resolution, and information regarding tenant rights. 

Target Population include imminent risk losing housing and would be homeless if they did not get this assistance. Supportive Services include ​financial assistance related to housing and other services such as legal advice and case management

Here is a copy of our Homelessness Prevention System Operations Manual.

You can find more information about the Homelessness Prevention program at Destination: Home.

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